Grace Adele Style – Mix & Match Bags and Accessories to Fit Your Look – From the Official Grace Adele YouTube Video

I can’t wait to purchase my starter kit for this fabulous new brand offered by the Scentsy Family! 

Available August 1st! – Stay tuned for more information…

Grace Adele is a new Scentsy Family brand. Grace Adele makes fashion work for you. Mix and match Grace Adele colors, bags, clutches, accessories and jewelry collections to create custom styles to fit your look to your day.

With the Grace Adele Style System, you’ll first pick your Grace Adele bag color from a multitude of trendy colors and prints.

Next choose your Grace Adele bag style. Each style has a unique and individual feel allowing you to go from the early morning dash out the door to an evening on the town without missing a beat.

A great complement to your Grace Adele bag is a stylish clutch. Grace Adele clutches put your style on display. The Grace Adele clutch is beautifully designed to fit in the outside pocket of any Grace Adele bag allowing you to change your clutch attachment as often as the mood strikes you.

Adding your style to your Grace Adele bag doesn’t stop there, add some flair and organize your essentials with Grace Adele clip-ons and Grace Adele accessories. Stylish wallets, makeup bags, and notebooks will keep your daily essentials organized and easy to find when you need it.

Finally, elevate your look with our Grace Adele style me signature jewelry and scarves. Your look will transform as you mix and match your jewelry accessories with your custom Grace Adele bag look. Our Grace Adele jewelry collections will complete your look, so you can make a statement all your own.


Never ending…

 It seems like no matter how hard I try, there are some things I can never fully be caught up on. There will always be more to do. I figured now that we had a dishwasher, it would be easier to keep up with the dishes…it’s easier on my hands, that is for sure. It just doesn’t mean that I will be caught up with having them done, because even when I have the current ones done, there are new ones to replace them. Now I guess I could revert to using paper plates & cups and plastic utensils, that would certainly solve my problem of having to worry about cleaning dishes. Unfortunately that gets expensive, makes more trash to have to take out, and is not environmentally sound.

Laundry is another thing that always seems to be never ending…either I am washing & drying or folding, and there always seems to be at least one new pile ready to take its place. I guess it is just part of every day life, especially when you have kids involved. Now what I would love to figure out is why kids think that they are helping mommy out by taking the newly folded laundry off the couch and throwing it on the floor? Or emptying the clean clothes from the laundry baskets and mixing it with the dirty laundry so now you aren’t sure which is which and you end up re-washing clothes that you just did? Wouldn’t it be nice if clothes & dishes were self cleaning and could put themselves away?? What would I do with all that extra time…I’m sure I would find a lot of better things to do, that is certain.

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