Fitness Quest – Getting Motivated, Finally!!

Ok, so the past week or so has not gone the way I would have liked. My motivation was not there and the weather certainly did not help. The sun was barely out and it was cold, not really my idea of walking weather. Finally, the sun is out and the warm weather is here, at least for a little while according to the forecast. The sun and spring weather has definitely given me a renewed sense of motivation and energy. When it is gloomy and cold, it makes me feel more tired and the quality of my sleep over the past couple of weeks just was not all that great.

On a positive note, I have been making a conscience effort to drink more water, even when I wasn’t really working out. I have been getting better at eating breakfast each morning, a couple of times I got distracted, but am definitely getting there.

The next step is to find time each day to get in some kind of workout, whether it be walking, my workout dvds, my rowing machine, or even running around with the kids in the backyard or at the park. Doing something for at least 30 minutes each day and more most days. With the warmer weather and summer on its way, I am sure this will be a lot easier.

There are definitely times where I am going to need to figure out the priority between doing chores when the kids are napping or getting a workout in. Will I be able to find the time later to workout, if I choose to deal with dishes or laundry, or do I workout and then deal with the other things later? These are the things that I will have to figure out on a daily basis as I manage my time and priorities.

Loving the sun!!


Finding Time

On a daily basis I have come to realize that I am always trying to find the time for things.

…time for my family
…time for everyday chores

…time for errands
…time for myself

Now time for myself, is always at the bottom of the list, not sure if this is always a good thing, but it is the way it is. I am trying to make time for myself more of a priority, so as to not neglect the things I need and want as well. I know that if I am doing things that will make me happy, then everyone else will be happier as well. I know that finding time to take a break and relax is good for my own frame of mind, not to mention my patience with everyone else in the family and others.

Time for my family is always a priority, the needs of my kids are on the top of that list, as they are still young and rely on me for things in their daily lives. Doing things with and for Tim (“hubby”), comes next on the list, as I am sure it does for everyone else in a relationship. You want to make sure your other half is happy and that their needs and expectations are met. Finding time to spend with the extended family is also important, whether it be to hang out or to help out. This includes the grand/parents, aunts/uncles, siblings, cousins, etc.

Finding time for everyday chores and errands, is on an as needed basis when I am home with the kids. Errands I try to do one day a week, unless something urgent comes up. Picking up toys, washing and folding laundry, and getting dishes done, seem to be a never-ending task. It always seems like I am constantly trying to play catch up, especially with sports/activities schedules thrown in there for the older kids.

It all comes down to a matter of figuring out the priorities and how to get those things accomplished, while finding a balance between those priorities and my own needs/wants. It is certainly a learning experience and an ever evolving process.

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